Local Public Offering

180 Float Spa is going public!

180 Float Spa is offering you the opportunity to invest in your wellness and our community through a Local Public Offering (LPO). Local Public Offerings became effective in 2017 under the North Carolina PACES Act to help provide access to capital for new and early stage businesses. 180 Float Spa is the first North Carolina company to reach minimum offering amount (and more!) under the NC PACES Act. Check out the NC Secretary of State’s recent Press Release about 180 Float Spa.

Investment crowdfunding has been growing significantly around the nation, with over 100 million dollars raised. Now it's our turn North Carolina! With PACES, North Carolina residents can join this growing opportunity with a minimum of $250. Investors can purchase a security to share in the profits generated by 180 Float Spa in the form of a Revenue Share Note. Investors will each receive in the aggregate 1.33x their original investments, as a result of being paid their proportionate shares of the Issuer’s gross revenue on a quarterly basis.

For example, an investor who has subscribed $1,000 will participate in the revenue sharing until receiving a total of $1,330 in disbursements from the Company, which represents the initial $1,000 investment returned, and an additional $330.

Why invest in 180 Float Spa?

Our offering provides the opportunity for NC residents to invest directly into the companies that are making a difference in the communities around them. It enables new products and services in your community, such as Float Therapy. As Watauga County residents for the past 12 years, we’re eager for the opportunity to bring this innovative wellness option to Boone for all to experience the physical and mental benefits of Float Therapy, while including our investors in the profits of these wellness services.

Business model

Although Float therapy is not a new concept, the number of float therapy centers nationwide has increased by 25% within the past 3 years. North Carolina has seen a 50% increase within the same time period. We believe in Float Therapy and it’s benefits so much that we want it to be our primary driver of our business model. 180 Float Spa will offer sixty minute & ninety minute float sessions. As we build relationships with our customers we will identify other needs & opportunities for additional complementary products and services.

Use of Funds

Funds raised from the LPO will be used towards capital equipment (Superior Deluxe Float Suite and Evolution Float Pod), to secure our desired location, complete facility design and initiate build out.
180 Float Spa will combine funds raised from the LPO with owners contribution and seek traditional financing through a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) to meet total project funding.


We’d love to chat! Connect with us below or email us directly at info@180floatspa.com

Interested in Investing?

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*Please note, offering available to NC Residents Only

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Please note, minimum investment of $250. Max investment of $5,000 for non-accredited investors.


Revenue Share Note

Multiple: 1.33X

Maturity: 36 months

Revenue Sharing Percentage: 7%

Funding Goal: $35,000

North Carolina PACES Quarterly Report



$250 or more - 30 Minute Credit

$500 or more - 1 Free Float

$1,000 or more - 2 Free Floats

$2,500 or more - 5 Free Floats

$5,000 - 10 Free Floats

*All Perks 60 Minute Float Sessions

Superior Deluxe Float Suite

Superior Deluxe Float Suite

Evolution Float Pod

Evolution Float Pod